How to Prepare your Final Year Project Report

How much we will score in our final year project is the main concern of all the students who are in there final year end semester as it include a considerable portion of marks and can increase or decrease your Engineering percentage or grades. So in final semester of our engineering, we all want to present our project in best possible way, to get good number in your thesis work. This article will mainly focus on how to prepare report for final year thesis and project.

What to Include in Final Year Project Report

Below are key points and section which you should include in your project report and dissertation.

1. Table of Contents (including list of figures, flow charts and diagrams)
2. Abstract
3. Introduction to the project
4. The Implementation Process :
This part is very important as it includes the main working of the project and all the detail about it. So this section can be broken into below sub-sections.
i). Working principle
ii). Circuit diagram
iii). Block diagram
iv). Flow charts
v). Source code and programming
5. Conclusion and Results
6. References
7. Appendix

What not do while making your Final Year Project Report

If you are making your final year project report, then you should keep in mind that you should not make very lengthy project report and should involve all the details which is needed to build your project. Always give a clear abstract of your project with aim of the project. Never put irrelevant content in your project report to make the report book thick.

Always go with above scenario to make your project report and get best grades in your thesis. 🙂
If you have any other suggestion, then please tell through your comments.

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