Project on Quadcopter

Abstract :-
A quadcopter is a multicopter lifted and propelled by four rotors. The motors are mounted in the same plane, on the helicopter, forming a square. This allows this quadcopter to lift vertically without rotating on itself. There are several advantages to quadcopters over comparably-scaled helicopters. The fact that four motors are involved reduces the minimum size of the propellers on each motor. This means that in case the quadcopter hits anything the damage is significant less than if a similar sized helicopter crashed. Continue reading

Reliability Assessment of Optical Fibers under Tension & Bending Loads

Abstract :-
The mechanical failure of optical fibers must be avoided to ensure reliability of fiber-based systems. The first stress event in a fiber’s lifetime is the proof test. The proof test will alter the fiber’s strength distribution for all subsequent processing and applications. Thus it is critical to know the fiber strength distribution after proof test (post-proof strength distribution). It is generally assumed that the proof test truncates the strength distribution at the proof test stress Continue reading

Microcontroller based Exercise Monitoring System

Abstract :- This is a very effective exercise monitoring system and can monitor walk or run of user. In this project ATmega644 microcontroller is used for controlling. With an increase of the number of health conscious individuals hoping to remain fit, we designed a system that allows the user to keep track of his or her total number steps, current speed, and total distance in both real time and with a data logging system. This is especially useful for any students who are concerned with how much exercise they are getting by simply going to class! Continue reading

Three Axis CNC Router Design

Abstract :-
This thesis describes the preliminary design of a low cost router table that brings the benefits of computer numerical control (CNC) tools to the woodshop. The router introduce entirely new capabilities such as a full three-dimensional shaping to the shop in addition to obviating the need for several conventional wood working implementations such as joinery jigs and conventional table routers. Continue reading

Design of a Stair-Climbing Hand Truck

Abstract :- The objective of this thesis was to design and test a consumer-grade hand truck capable of climbing stairs. Several designs were conceived that would allow a non-industrial hand truck to travel over stairs, curbs, or uneven terrain while putting minimal strain on the user. One strategy, referred to as the Blanco Stair-Climbing Wheel, was selected for development; several solid models were created and a prototype was constructed. The finished prototype was tested with a payload of approximately 300 lbs, and it was determined that the hand truck design using the Blanco strategy is a viable option for a stair-climbing consumer product. Continue reading