MBA Report on Car Market and Buying Behavior – A study of Consumer Perception

A car is one of the most significant purchases that an Indian household makes and this project addresses the most important question that perplexes car manufacturers.Indians have emerged as avid car enthusiasts sporting their prized possessions as status symbols and speed machines. Foreign car companies have discovered the Indian consumer as well as the R & D potential in the Indian technical fraternity and are setting up manufacturing plants right and left across the country at lower costs. Continue reading

Home & Factory Automation Via SMS

This is a very innovative project which focus on designing of an interactive remote automation system. By this project one may gain the ability of administering several predefined electronic devices connected to the computer, simply sending an SMS message. The project can be applied to all vehicle, house, office, and factory media. This project is initially designed for house automation. Continue reading

Traffic Signal Timing for Urban Evacuation

Abstract :-
This is a Civil thesis which studies approaches for signal timing to facilitate evacuation and response in the event of a no-notice urban evacuation. A simulation model was constructed with data from Washington, D.C. Experimental results indicate that significant trade-offs exist in setting timing plans as long cycle lengths can lead to reduced evacuation times, but at the expense of delay on minor roadways. Best compromise plans employ cycle lengths greater in length than used in ordinary peak hour plans, giving significantly more green time to the main evacuation routes than to minor roadways as used in peak hour plans. Continue reading

RFID Shopping Checkout System

Abstract :-
This Electronics project work on RFID shopping checkout system will help in eliminating long queues for bill payment of your shopping. By using this prototype RFID checkout system, customer will able to pay the full bill upon their arrival at bill counter which will increase the customer satisfaction and will effect in reducing retailer costs, and ultimately lowering consumer prices. Continue reading

Analog & Digital Control of an Electronic Throttle Valve

Abstract :-
Two electronic throttler controllers were designed and implemented for an automotive throttle valve on a four-cylinder, spark-ignition gasoline engine. The first controller was designed using operational amplifiers and other analog componentry to realize a proportional-integral controller and feedback loop. The second controller utilized a programmable digital microcontroller to replace the analog component for signal processing. Continue reading