Analysis & Evaluation of Soft-Switching Inverter Techniques

This dissertation presents the systematic analysis and the critical assessment of the AC side soft-switching inverters in electric vehicle (EV) applications. Although numerous soft-switching inverter techniques were claimed to improve the inverter performance, compared with the conventional hard-switching inverter, there is the lack of comprehensive investigations of analyzing and evaluating the performance of soft-switching inverters. Continue reading

Multi-Mode Magnetorheological Axial Isolator

Abstract: MR dampers are semi-active devices that are finding success where controllable damping is required. The goal of this work is to determine a suitable design of a six-degree-of-freedom MR isolator for vibration attenuation of a sensor platform and characterize its axial performance through experiments as well as theoretical modeling. This investigation is begun by developing several MR designs and through experiment a single design is chosen for further analysis. Continue reading

Automated Beverage Vending Machine

An automated beverage vending machine comprises of a microcontroller which is programmed to instruct the system to serve the beverage. Machine will activate when the user insert a five rupee coin into coin slot. This coin will be detected by an IR-sensor and send a signal to microcontroller. The machine comprises of cylinder controlled by microcontroller. A fixed volume beverage is filled in the main container. The beverage is poured in the glass through tap which opens and closes after fixed time period and only activated when container is filled. Hence, the user gets the beverage demanded by him by fully automated technique. Continue reading

Remote Controlled Fan Regulator

The paper presents a simple design and implementation of a remote controlled fan regulator. It enables the user to operate a fan regulator from approximately 10 meters away. The remote transmits a tone using an infrared light-emitting diode. This tone is decoded by a receiver, since the receiver only switches when the tone is received. The system was broken down into simpler functional blocks namely; infra-red transmitter, infra-red sensor, signal amplifier, control logic, sampler, control stepper, output control logic, load and display unit. Details of each subunit are described in the paper. Continue reading

Analysis of Microarray Image Spots Intensity

Abstract :-
Microarray technology gives rise to a challenge to interpret the meaning of the immense amount of biological information formatted in numerical matrices from the expression levels of thousands of genes, possibly all genes in an organism. To meet this challenge various methods have been developed using both traditional and innovative techniques to extract, analyze and visualize gene expression data generated from DNA Chip. The large amount of information provided by microarray images requires automatic techniques to develop accurate and efficient processing. Continue reading