Scalability of Ad Hoc Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks

Abstract :-

Dynamic Spectrum Access allows wireless users to access a wide range of spectrum which increases a node’s ability to communicate with its neighbors, and spectral efficiency through opportunistic access to licensed bands. Our study focuses on the scalability of network performance, which we define in terms of network transport capacity and end-to-end throughput per node, as the network density increases.


Scalability of Ad Hoc Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks


We develop an analytical procedure for performance evaluation of ad hoc DSA networks using Markov models, and analyze the performance of a DSA network with one transceiver per node and a dedicated control channel.

We also develop and integrate a detailed model for energy detection in Poisson networks with sensing. We observe that the network capacity scales sub-linearly with the number of DSA users and the end-to-end throughput diminishes, when the number of data channels is fixed.


Author:- Ahsan, Umair

Source:- ETD


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