Electricity Generation from Train Wheel


Energy is that the necessity for the economic development of our country. Energy exists in numerous types in nature however the foremost necessary form is ELECTRICITY. Present day society is most dependent upon the utilization of electricity that it’s become an area of our life. Energy is required as heat, light, mobility etc. The current advancement in science and technology has created it doable to convert electricity into any desired type. Continue reading

Design of Reliable and Secure Network-On-Chip Architectures

Design of Reliable and Secure Network-On-Chip Architectures

Abstract: Network-on-Chips (NoCs) became the quality communication platform for future massively parallel systems as a result of their performance, flexibility and measurability blessings. However, reliableness problems led to by scaling within the sub-20nm era threaten to undermine the advantages offered by NoCs. This thesis demonstrates style techniques that address each reliableness and security problems facing fashionable operative architectures. Continue reading

High-Performance 3D Image Processing Architectures for Image-Guided Interventions

Abstract :- Minimally invasive image-guided interventions (IGIs) square measure time and price economical, minimize unmotivated harm to healthy tissues, and result in quicker patient recovery. Advanced three-dimensional (3D) image process could be a vital want for navigation throughout IGIs. However, achieving on-demand performance, as needed by IGIs, for these image process operations exploitation software-only implementations is difficult owing to the sheer size of the 3D pictures, and memory and cipher intensive nature of the operations. Continue reading