3 Phase Appliance Protector

Many of our costly appliances require three-phase AC supply for operation. Failure of any of the phases makes the appliance prone to erratic functioning and may even lead to failure. Hence it is of paramount importance to monitor the availability of the three-phase supply and switch off the appliance in the event of failure of one or two phases. The power to the appliance should resume with the availability of all phases of the supply with certain time delay in order to avoid surges and momentary fluctuations. The complete description of a three phase appliance protector is described here.

User lines connected to power supply lines can be disconnected there from by a connect/disconnect switch. An isolation rectifier circuit connected across the each phase wit operational relays. Output of the rectifier circuit controlled by a timer and through that timer operates the switch. The timer restores the connection in failure of any one or two phases.

Circuit Three Phase Appliance Protector

The main advantage of this protector circuit is that it protects three-phase appliances from failure of any of the phases by disconnecting the power supply through the contactor and automatically restores the three-phase supply to the appliance (with reasonable time delay) when all the phases are available.

Source: Final-yearproject.com | Circuit Source: EFY

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