A Human Tracking Fan System

A Human Tracking Fan System


The platform, using dual element Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors (PIR) sensors, rotates itself independently to direct air flow to whatever position a person moves to. In addition, the fan includes another setting that allows precise rotation between two people. These modes are selectable by the user. The running mode is displayed on an LCD.


A Human Tracking Fan System


The rotating platform can be visible in above picture. The platform is hooked up on 4 standoffs. The standoffs are set up on a lazy Susan. We placed an O-ring across the standoffs and the motor shaft to growth the equipment ratio, slow down the platform rotating speed, and convey extra torque.

A trendy circuit software changed into used to come across someone. The schematic may be seen underneath. It changed into modified to serve our task purposes. The PIR sensor can be modeled as a BJT. whilst the device is prompted current flows via the BJT and a signal voltage proportional to the quantity of modern-day is produced. The circuit biases the sensor output and integrates it.

The output of the integrator is fed into the comparator which we adjusted to gain the nice sensitivity we idea made the device function fine. whilst the output is more than the brink the output goes from low to high.

This project contains all the diagram, high level programming, working and explanation of the project, circuit diagram with microcontroller programming.


Author:- Joseph Fridlander (jmf293@cornell.edu) & Emmeline Park (esp57@cornell.edu)


Source:-Cornell University

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