A Study of HR Practices in ITC

Objectives of project are
1. To know the recruitment & selection procedures adopted in this company.
2.To improve training and development programs used in the company.
3.To know how the performance of the employees is being appraised.
4.To provide better employee welfare.
5.To increase the labor productivity.

1. Declaration
2. Acknowledgement
3. Preamble
4. Objective
5. Certification of ITC
6. Policies of ITC
7. Company profile
8. Growth history
9. SWOT Analysis
10. ITC Philosophy
11. HR Management
12. HR Practices at ITC
13. Action Plan
14. Graphical representation of data
15. Research Methodology
16. Questionnaire
17. Results & Conclusion
18. Suggestion

Author:-Raibahadur Singh Parihar

Source:- FYP

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