Advanced Overmoded Circuits for Gyro-Amplifiers

Abstract :-
To solve the narrow-bandwidth problem associated with cavity-related gyro-amplifiers, a new interaction circuit, containing clustered cavities is considered. In particular, the use of a cluster of cavities in frequency multiplying gyro-amplifiers is described. An analytical theory of a simple frequency multiplying device has been developed, and compared with numerical simulations using the Maryland Gyrotron Code (MAGY). The analytical results and MAGY code simulations are in good agreement. In the small signal regime, the bandwidth of a cluster-cavity device (with two cavities in the cluster) is twice that of a single cavity device, while both have the same peak bunching. We also investigate the effect of coupling between the cavities of a cluster, and the performance of a three-cavity cluster.

Author:- Miao, Yingyu


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