An automated vocalist for the video game Rock Band

Abstract :-
This is a device that interprets the NTSC video signal from the video game Rock Band and outputs audio signals via a pair of speakers to simulate a human singer playing the vocalist part. Playing the vocal track on Rock Band requires actually being able to sing. We thought the idea of being able to emulate a human singing based solely on reading a few lines on the screen was pretty cool, so we decided to pursue this idea. The basic premise is simple: sing a note (in the form of a sine wave of a specific frequency), determine how far off we are from singing the correct note, adjust the frequency of what we are singing, and repeat. Since Rock Band only requires that the note’s pitch be correct, we can sing using sine waves rather than words! In order to accomplish this, we need to analyze the video signal to determine where we are singing (indicated by the white “puck” on the left side of the screen) and where we should be singing (looking ahead at the upcoming notes). Depending on the magnitude and sign of this positional difference, we can adjust our output signal’s frequency accordingly, and repeat this to sing.

Author:- Gautam Kamath ( & Dominick Grochowina (

Source:-Cornell University

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