An FTIR Touchscreen Device

Abstract :-
The DJ Touch is a portable turntable touchscreen and interactive LED display.

Our end goal was to produce a low cost touchscreen device, and demonstrate its application in a common consumer application. Out of an interest in electronic music, and with the knowledge of deejaying’s close roots to electronics, we decided to develop a touch screen turntable.
High Level diagram DJ touch
The device relies on the concept of frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) to detect user motion on an acrylic surface. Using a camera system and infrared LED setup, these blobs of infrared light are read into the microprocessor and detected using a dynamic thresholding algorithm. The data is streamed over serial using the FT232R USB connection and a compatible program on the user interface emulates the turntable motion. We have also written up additional code that uses the blob tracking for simple mouse movement. Using MATLAB’s powerful image processing library, more complex interactions can be coded.

Author:- Kritarth Jain (kj83), Tiffany Low (twl46)

Source:- Cornell University

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