Analysis & Evaluation of Soft-Switching Inverter Techniques

This dissertation presents the systematic analysis and the critical assessment of the AC side soft-switching inverters in electric vehicle (EV) applications. Although numerous soft-switching inverter techniques were claimed to improve the inverter performance, compared with the conventional hard-switching inverter, there is the lack of comprehensive investigations of analyzing and evaluating the performance of soft-switching inverters.

To effectively analyze the soft-switching inverters’ performance, a simulation based electrical modeling methodology is developed. Not only it extends the EMI noise analysis to the higher frequency region, but also predicts the stress and the switching losses accurately. Three major modeling tasks are accomplished. First, to address the issues of complicated existing scheme, a new parameter extraction scheme is proposed to establish the physics-based IGBT model. Second, the impedance based measurement method is developed to derive the internal parasitic parameters of the half-bridge modules. Third, the finite element analysis software is used to develop the model for the laminated bus bar including the coupling effects of different phases.

Author:- Dong, Wei


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