Analysis of Microarray Image Spots Intensity

Abstract :-
Microarray technology gives rise to a challenge to interpret the meaning of the immense amount of biological information formatted in numerical matrices from the expression levels of thousands of genes, possibly all genes in an organism. To meet this challenge various methods have been developed using both traditional and innovative techniques to extract, analyze and visualize gene expression data generated from DNA Chip. The large amount of information provided by microarray images requires automatic techniques to develop accurate and efficient processing.

Each spot in the microarray contains the hybridization level of a single gene. In this paper, the comparative analysis of measurement of intensity of microarray spots using the intensity transformation methods such as gray level, logarithmic, gamma and contrast stretching after cropping a particular section of microarray image is performed, and the numeric data sheet is prepared for these transformations.

Author:- M.Anandhavalli, Chandan Mishra, M.K.Ghose


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