How Science and Mechanics Have Changed the Food Industry

The world has changed all over due to the many advances in the fields of science and mechanics. Almost every industry has seen leaps and bounds in production and availability of their products. Whether you are looking at fashion, entertainment, education, or food, all of these markets have been affected immensely by technology as a whole. The desire to spread ideas and change has taken hold of all industries international, and for the first time ever, it is even easier than before. Continue reading

Electricity Generation from Train Wheel


Energy is that the necessity for the economic development of our country. Energy exists in numerous types in nature however the foremost necessary form is ELECTRICITY. Present day society is most dependent upon the utilization of electricity that it’s become an area of our life. Energy is required as heat, light, mobility etc. The current advancement in science and technology has created it doable to convert electricity into any desired type. Continue reading