Automated Beverage Vending Machine

An automated beverage vending machine comprises of a microcontroller which is programmed to instruct the system to serve the beverage. Machine will activate when the user insert a five rupee coin into coin slot. This coin will be detected by an IR-sensor and send a signal to microcontroller. The machine comprises of cylinder controlled by microcontroller. A fixed volume beverage is filled in the main container. The beverage is poured in the glass through tap which opens and closes after fixed time period and only activated when container is filled. Hence, the user gets the beverage demanded by him by fully automated technique.

Automatic Beverage Vending Machine


1. To serve different kinds of beverages like coffee, soft drinks,hot water,shakes at public places like railway stations,bus stands,airports etc.
2. Can be used as a frequent beverage supplier at colleges and offices where mass serving is required.

Future Aspects:

We can connect more valves through relay to make more beverage choices and.we can also connect a predefined path set robot to take the beverage at a particular destination.

Coding Sample:

void main()



Lcd_Output(1, 1, "Autmatic Bevrage");
Lcd_Output(2, 1, "Vending M/C");

Lcd_Output(1, 1, "Coin Detected");
Lcd_Output(2, 1, "Vending......");



Lcd_Output(1, 1, "Vending Over");
Lcd_Output(2, 1, "Take Away...");

Source: FYP

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