Longwall mining method - Mining Engineering Project

Behavior of Shield Support in Longwall Mining


Field observation have been carried out on behaviour of chock guard aid of capacity 800T throughout extraction of longwall panel no. 3D2 at 250 m intensity and 150 m face duration of GDK 10A Incline, Singareni Collieries employer limited. Chock leg pressures and leg closures were often monitored at different stages of extraction of longwall panel.

During extraction of the panel, maximum leg closure and stress at the chock protect have been 600 mm and 490 bar, respectively (no longer on all chocks). Setting and yielding pressures were three hundred bar and 400 bar corresponding to placing load and yielding load six hundred T and 800 T, respectively.


Longwall mining method - Mining Engineering Project


For the duration of essential fall circumstance, 27% of chock shields had been loaded upto 800T. throughout ordinary periods, most load became approximately 640T.

Parametric studies for intensity covers of a hundred and fifty m to 1200 m for the face strengthen of 6 m to a hundred and fifty m became simulated in 2d numerical version. At each intensity, a fall in vertical pressure was determined among eighty m to 100 m face develop indicating major roof fall and for 250 m depth cowl, it become varying from 6 MPa to 4.5 MPa.

Vertical pressure and roof sag above the guide was growing because the depth turned into various from 150 m to 1200 m and most located changed into 50 MPa and 1500 mm respectively at 1200 m intensity and 150m face develop.


Objectives of the Project

This study is focused on behavior of shield support in longwall mining and shall concentrate to evaluate on the following areas:

1. To study the shield behavior in a underground longwall coal mine.

2. Simulation of the field conditions in FLAC 5.0 software.

3. Interpretation of the results generated from simulating the models in FLAC 5.0 to determine the shield behavior.

4. To validate the results generated against the data collected from the mine.


Author:- Chandan Kumar


Source:- NIT Rourkela