Behavioral Reflexion Models for Software Architecture

Abstract :-
In our approach, the system engineer is supported in producing architecture documentation that reflects the intended architecture. Furthermore, discrepancies between the implementation and documentation are identified. These discrepancies are then illustrated graphically in a reflexion model, which guides debugging activities. In this research, we are concerned with architecture representations of system behaviors and focus in particular on distributed systems.

In this thesis, we describe how architecture discrepancies are introduced and the implications for the reliability and maintainability of the system. We then discuss the individual components of the behavioral reflexion model approach in detail. Finally, we provide an evaluation of our approach in the form of two case studies. In these studies, we applied the behavioral reflexion model approach to two space-mission systems with the goal to resolve problems in their reliability and maintainability.

Author:- Ackermann, Christopher Florian

Source:- University of Maryland

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