Biologically Inspired Robotic Arm Control Using an Artificial Neural Oscillator

Abstract :-
Above existing works in field of biologically inspired system based on neural oscillators have yielded notable results in many cases. However approaches for a proper behavior generation and complex task were not clearly described due to the difficulty in application considering a real robotic manipulator coupled with the neural oscillator.

To demonstrate the excellence of entrainment, we implement the proposed control scheme to a single pendulum coupled with the neural oscillator in simulation and experiment. Then this work shows the performance of the robot arm coupled to neural oscillators through various tasks that the arm traces a trajectory. With these, the real-time closed-loop system allowing sensory feedback of the neural oscillator for the entrainment property is proposed. In particular, we verify an impressive capability of biologically inspired self-adaptation behaviors that enables the robot arm to make adaptive motions corresponding to an unexpected environmental variety.

Author:- Woosung Yang, Jaesung Kwon, Nak Young Chong, and Yonghwan Oh


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