Blockchain Projects for Final Year Students

Ultimate Blockchain Projects for Final Year Students

The Blockchain is the hottest buzzword in the technology field now. In just a few years it has got a lot of traction and making your final year project on Blockchain could if the best decision for you and your future. If you are looking for blockchain project ideas then this article can really help you in choosing one.


Blockchain Projects for Final Year Students


Blockchain Projects for Final Year Students


1. Disaster relief and recovery

Engineers are crucial after a large-scale calamity such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods where an immediate and comprehensive accounting of structural integrity of buildings, physical infrastructure, and public hazards is required.

So, this blockchain application would help engineers of other states/provinces to quickly receive temporary comity for the duration and scope of the disaster and also, result in the rapid compilation of a single comprehensive and standardized damage condition assessment for the entire event captured on an immutable record that could be used by all agencies for the purpose of delivering services, mitigating damage, or reducing crime, scams, and fraudulent claims. This is a high scale project.


2. Municipal Cooperation on Blockchain

“Municipal Cooperation on Blockchain” is a very innovative project which focuses on moving complete municipal cooperation data to the blockchain. Every government institution has huge databases and records with public information which needs maintenance and security. So this blockchain project is a modern way of using public ledger which will use multi-agent algorithmic game mechanics to help communities self-regulate shared public property.


3. Blockchain and international identifiers for music

With the increase in the growth of the digital music industry, companies are facing issues with the collection of royalties easily. In this project, students focus on mitigating this issue by creating a reliable database for the complete music industry. For this, they created a blockchain reuniting data from different copyright companies and international identifiers referencing sites. All information contained in this ledger benefit from the security and trust brought by blockchain.


4. Blockchain for Electronic voting (also known as e-voting)

This project uses Solidity language to create smart contracts and to design the electronic vote system, students used the Ethereum Blockchain and more precisely the RPC test which enables account generation with a private and a public key.

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