Cash Management At Standard Polymers

Abstract :-
Cash is the money which a firm can disburse immediately without any restriction. The term cash includes coins, currency and cheques held by the firm, and balances in its bank accounts. Sometimes near-cash items, such as marketable securities or bank times deposits, are also included in cash. The basic characteristic of near-cash assets is that they can readily be converted into cash.

The objectives are to analyze the Cash management and to determine efficiency in cash, inventories, debtors and creditors. Further, to understand the liquidity and profitability position of the firm.
These objectives are achieved by using ratio analysis and then arriving at conclusions, which are important to understand the efficiency / inefficiency of Cash.

It was noticed in the study that the company had utilized its Cash efficiently and can also try to get more effective values by working on it. The cash required to meet out the current liabilities is maintained at a normal level that shows the company follows an average policy.


Source:-Final Year Project

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