Cockpit Surround Sound

Abstract :-
The Cockpit Surround Sound Project is acting as the output device of the GPS-based aircraft collision avoidance system. The aim of this project is to create a full 3D surround sound environment using 4 speakers each play different channel of sound. It covers the listener in a hemisphere kind of sound field, which provides the listener with sound positioning of not only 360 degree around the listener but also covering the top of the listener. Through this project, listeners should be able to experience the true 3D surround sound environment, which they would not have experienced with Dolby Surround Sound System.

The system is implemented by two people, with Peter Sands working on the hardware implementation of the project, while myself, Jack Cheng work on the software implementation side of this project. The overall system should be implemented through using IPAQ, the Compaq PDA device as the controlling unit of this surround system. The software required consists of two parts, a device driver to trigger the device and the player, which plays an ordinary mono .wav file in a full 3D surround sound environment.

Author:- Jack Hsu-Hung Cheng

Source:-University of Queensland

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