Comparative Analysis of Recruitment & Selection Process Followed by Britannia & Parle

This Report is an attempt to provide a detailed comparative analysis of the recruitment and selection process done by Britannia Industries Ltd. & Parle Biscuits Ltd. In my thesis program I met more than 25 employees. During this thesis program I came to know that, the success or failure of an organization is largely dependent on the caliber of the people working therein. Without positive and creative contributions from people, organizations cannot progress and prosper. In order to achieve the goals or the activities of an organization, therefore, they need to recruit people with requisite skills, qualifications and experience.

Corporation should adopt new techniques for recruitment and selection in order to satisfy global demand & day-to-day updating of management demands. Though there are certain areas which need improvement; as the recruitment policy is very much centralized which some time act as a hurdle when the organization is operating outside India.

Author: Beena Pandey

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