Design of a Stair-Climbing Hand Truck

Abstract :- The objective of this thesis was to design and test a consumer-grade hand truck capable of climbing stairs. Several designs were conceived that would allow a non-industrial hand truck to travel over stairs, curbs, or uneven terrain while putting minimal strain on the user. One strategy, referred to as the Blanco Stair-Climbing Wheel, was selected for development; several solid models were created and a prototype was constructed. The finished prototype was tested with a payload of approximately 300 lbs, and it was determined that the hand truck design using the Blanco strategy is a viable option for a stair-climbing consumer product.

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The stair-climbing hand truck is designed to reduce liability rather than increase it. Conventional hand trucks work well on flat ground, but their usefulness decreases when it becomes necessary to move an object over an irregular surface.

Author:- Jacovich, Marissa L

Source:-MIT DSpace

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