Determination of Gas Content of Coal

Abstract :-
This is B.Tech thesis on “Determination of Gas Content of Coal” for Mining engineering. The build-up of methane in underground coal mines is a safety problem in the India and around the world. Determining the quantity of methane enclosed within a coalbed can be avital step in assessing the potential severity of gas problems in a new mine or in unmined areas of an existing mine. The gas content of a seam can be tested during the exploration stage from core drilled samples.

An early estimation of the potential for methane emission problems offers the greatest amount of lead time to take account of longer term gas drainage techniques into the development plan of mines. Once mining is started, gas content testing can be used at times to assess gas content conditions ahead of mining. Although mine safety was initially the primary purpose for measuring the gas content of coalbeds, the prospective for commercial coalbed methane production has led toabetter interest in this technology.


Keeping the above problem in mind, the work was planned with the following objectives:

 Study of occurrence and emission of methane.
 Study of status of CBM extraction in India.
 Collection of block/core samples from mines.
 Determination ofgas content of collected coal samples.
 Correlation study of intrinsic properties of coal and its gas content.

Author:- C.V., Krishna Prasad

Source:-NIT Rourkela

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