ECE Project on Autonomous Driving Car

Abstract :- This Autonomous Driving Car project autonomously navigate through a track by detecting lanes and centering itself between them as well as detect objects in front of it and avoid collision. The RC car detects lanes through image input from a low-resolution camera mounted at its front. Using an IR distance sensor, the car determines when to stop accelerating once a certain distance between a forward object has been breached. All computations based on sensor data are handled by an Atmel Mega644 MCU.
ECE Project on Autonomous Driving Car 1
The basic idea of our project stemmed from a rather playful interest in using an MCU to program a robot to perform some common everyday function autonomously. This report includes high-level design, hardware design, software design, video results, conclusion, appendix and microcontroller programming.

Author:- Bonnie Chong, Rick Yan, Albert Li

Source:-Cornell University

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  1. sir can i get the full project with schematic and project report.
    it will be a great help for me.i hope you will do the needful.

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