Electricity Generation from Train Wheel


Energy is that the necessity for the economic development of our country. Energy exists in numerous types in nature however the foremost necessary form is ELECTRICITY. Present day society is most dependent upon the utilization of electricity that it’s become an area of our life. Energy is required as heat, light, mobility etc. The current advancement in science and technology has created it doable to convert electricity into any desired type.

This has given electricity an area of pride within the nowadays. we have a tendency to can’t imagine the planet while not electricity.The survival of business undertakings and our social structures rely primarily upon low value and uninterrupted provide of electricity.

In fact, the advancement of a rustic is measured in terms of per capita consumption of electricity.

This paper focuses on the generation of electricity in associate degree innovative and easy manner.


Electricity Generation from Train Wheel


Principle of operation

The train wheel (tip / clearance) touches the roller, it starts rotating according to the rotational energy transformation principle.




1. We can generate electrical energy less than Rs. 2.50 / unit.

2. This electrical energy can be used as free power supply for railway users such as water supply to charge their mobile phones, laptops etc.

3. It can be used to supply for LCD display for passenger list, train timings etc.

4. It can be used to supply for railway station equipment’s light, fan, signal lights etc.

5. Heavy traffic cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, etc., this System can be easily adopted. We can implement this system at both entry and leaving point in the railway station.


Author:- S.Mukunthan


Source:- IFET