Electromagnetic Disk Braking System

This project work describes in detail, the project work undertaken by us during the final semester/year of Diploma at Government Polytechnic, Sahiya. The contents of this report includes a brief description of the Electro-Magnetic Disk Breaking System, supplemented by a good numbers of necessary and descriptive figures which makes this projects report very easy to understand.

Circuit diagram of Electromagnetic Disk Braking System

In addition to these, the report also contains the detail regarding how electro-magnets do works. Above all, this report gives a detailed description of Electro-Magnetic Disk Breaking System. This description is empowered with the experimental analysis of the system and electro-magnets. This report will be of help for those who wish to understand about the basic working of electromagnetic disk braking system, especially those who wish to study electromagnetic disk braking system.

Source: Final-yearproject.com

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