Electromagnetic Piston Engine Car

The electromagnetic piston engine according to the present invention in one aspect comprises a cylinder and a piston, each made of a magnetic material, a cylinder electromagnet having an inner wall of the cylinder magnetisable to a one magnetic pole, and a piston magnetization unit for magnetizing a portion of the piston engage able with the cylinder to a single magnetic pole in a fixed manner, in which the piston is transferred in a one direction by creating a magnetic attraction force between the cylinder and the piston by exciting the cylinder electromagnet; and the piston is then transferred in the opposite direction by creating a magnetic repellent force there between, followed by repeating this series of the actions of alternately creating the magnetic attraction force and the magnetic repellent force to allow the piston to perform a reciprocal movement.

Electromagnetic Piston Engine Car

Author: Alankrit Shukla, Avadhesh Kumar, Ankush Kumar, Upendra Kumar, Pushkar Singh Gauniya

Source: Final-Yearproject.com

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