Project on Automatic Water Dispenser

Project on Automatic Water Dispenser

If you are looking for new innovative final year project for electronics engineering, then this project on “automatic water dispenser” could be your project. This project is basically made to help your pets in drinking water and keep them hydrated.


Project on Automatic Water Dispenser


This project works on 2 modes viz. manual and timed. The consumer of this device can configure different settings through the keyboard. The display used in this project is TFT based. The main objective of this project on “automatic water dispenser” is to create an automatic water dispenser that would allow pets to have a constant supply of water even when there is no one home.

The current style depends fully on a software package to work out once the water valve ought to be turned off through manual time intervals. This removes the requirement for any sensors like pressure, weight or water level sensors to inform the PIC32 once to show the valve off.


About the Circuit of Automatic Water Dispenser

The circuit of this project comprised of a 4N35 optoisolator to electrically isolate the PIC32 pin from the solenoid valve and a 2SK4017 MOSFET to control the solenoid valve.

A 1N4001 diode is placed in parallel with the solenoid valve to prevent any damage to the circuit due to spikes caused by the solenoid. The base of the phototransistor was not connected to anything as the fall time did not truly matter for the solenoid valve.

The hardware quality is reduced, however at a similar time the accuracy additionally drops. The accuracy of what proportion water is distributed depends entirely on the planned delay times the software package has setup.


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The quantity of water flowing out of the pipe is also pretty small as compared to the full possible throughput. When the field begins out completely full at approximately 1 gallon, and hence it has the very best stress at this factor and the most important water glide, it takes approximately three to four minutes to fill a box up to the 1-quart mark.

Additionally, it additionally takes approximately 30 seconds to a minute longer than it’s miles think to in the timed mode to shut off the valve.

The total cost of this product comes out to be around $60. Hope you like the project and please see the source for a complete circuit diagram, programming, hardware configuration, etc.

Author: Nancy Dai

Source: Cornell University

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