Design of a Stair-Climbing Hand Truck

Abstract :- The objective of this thesis was to design and test a consumer-grade hand truck capable of climbing stairs. Several designs were conceived that would allow a non-industrial hand truck to travel over stairs, curbs, or uneven terrain while putting minimal strain on the user. One strategy, referred to as the Blanco Stair-Climbing Wheel, was selected for development; several solid models were created and a prototype was constructed. The finished prototype was tested with a payload of approximately 300 lbs, and it was determined that the hand truck design using the Blanco strategy is a viable option for a stair-climbing consumer product. Continue reading Design of a Stair-Climbing Hand Truck

Analog & Digital Control of an Electronic Throttle Valve

Abstract :-
Two electronic throttler controllers were designed and implemented for an automotive throttle valve on a four-cylinder, spark-ignition gasoline engine. The first controller was designed using operational amplifiers and other analog componentry to realize a proportional-integral controller and feedback loop. The second controller utilized a programmable digital microcontroller to replace the analog component for signal processing. Continue reading Analog & Digital Control of an Electronic Throttle Valve

Packaging of an Iron-Gallium Nanowire Acoustic Sensor

Abstract :-
The development of packaging for an underwater acoustic sensor is a more complex task than package design for a typical microelectronic device because of the need to simultaneously protect the device from the environment while allowing interaction with it. A bio-inspired package, based on the hearing mechanisms in aquatic animals, has been developed for this purpose. The package will ensure reliability in the underwater environment while not interfering with the transmission of sound. The package is designed to contain a nanowire sensor in a fluid medium, Continue reading Packaging of an Iron-Gallium Nanowire Acoustic Sensor

Vertical Takeoff Crafts

Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) emerged as a concept, which was soon to be successfully implemented. Dr A.A Griffith, in 1941 who was then the chief engineer of Rolls Royce ltd. put forward this idea in his paper to the aeronautical research council. According to a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft is one that can hover, take off and land vertically. This classification includes fixed-wing aircraft as well as helicopters and other aircraft with powered rotors, such as cyclogyros/cyclocopters and tiltrotors. Continue reading Vertical Takeoff Crafts

Carbon Fiber Electronic Interconnects

Abstract :-
Carbon fiber is an emerging material in electrical and electronics industry. It has been used as contact in many applications, such as switch, potentiometer, and commutator brush. A new technique of electronics interconnect is developed, with carbon fiber as a conductive medium. This carbon fiber interconnect can provide interconnection between two planes in different levels of electronics packaging, from semiconductor die, substrate, packaged component to printed circuit board. For example, it can provide a separable interconnect between a land grid array (LGA) or ball grid array (BGA) IC package to a printed circuit board, as an LGA or BGA socket. Continue reading Carbon Fiber Electronic Interconnects

Electromagnetic Piston Engine Car

The electromagnetic piston engine according to the present invention in one aspect comprises a cylinder and a piston, each made of a magnetic material, a cylinder electromagnet having an inner wall of the cylinder magnetisable to a one magnetic pole, and a piston magnetization unit for magnetizing a portion of the piston engage able with the cylinder to a single magnetic pole in a fixed manner, in which the piston is transferred in a one direction by creating a magnetic attraction force between the cylinder and the piston by exciting the cylinder electromagnet; Continue reading Electromagnetic Piston Engine Car