Exercise Monitoring System

Our project inspiration came from a previous project both of us had worked on a previous year. At that time, we had both worked on separate projects involving a simple Pedometer using a MSP430 microcontroller. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and hardware failures, we were unable to complete the project. Unwilling to accept defeat, we attempted the project again, but with the intention of providing greater functionality, better user interface, and a working final product. While we understood that many smartphone apps provide a similar functionality, we wanted to see if we could provide comparable functionality without all the need for fancy hardware and expensive data plan.

This project does not have conceptually difficult math. There are two main calculations that are taking place: detecting a step and determining distance. We tried a couple different methods of calculations, which can be read in Appendix B, but we want to focus on what’s working in our final code.

Source:Cornell University

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