Flame Quenching Limits of Hydrogen Leaks 1

Flame Quenching Limits of Hydrogen Leaks

Abstract :-

This study examines flame conclusion limits of chemical element leaks in compression fittings and tube burners. Experimental work is conferred. Measurements enclosed ignition limits for leaky compression fittings on tubes of three.16-12.66 millimeter in diameter and therefore the ignition and conclusion limits of tube burners with diameters of zero.15 – 0.56 mm. Minimum ignition flow rates of zero.028 mg/s for chemical element, 0.378 mg/s for paraffin, and 0.336 mg/s for gas were found within the compression fitting experiments.




The upstream pressure doesn’t play a job within the ignition flowrate limit. The minimum conclusion limits of element found in tube burners were two.1 and 3.85 μg/s in gas and air, severally. These correspond to heat unleash rates of zero.252 and 0.463 W, severally, the previous being the weakest determined flame ever.


Author:- Moran, Christopher