Generating Climbing Plants Using L-Systems

Abstract :-
A novel method is proposed for procedurally generating climbing plants using L-systems. The goal is to generate geometry and textures for 3D-modelers, where procedurally generated content is used as a base for the final design. The algorithm is fast and efficiently simulates external tropisms such as gravitropism, heliotropism and other pseudo-tropisms. The structure of the generated climbing plants is discretized into strings of particles expressed using L-systems. The tips of the plant extend the branches by adding particles in its path, forming internodes. The tip holds the growth direction of an internode, and is affected by external factors such as scene objects and tropisms. A climbing heuristic has been developed that uses the environment as leverage when the plant is climbing, and effectively covers objects on which it grows. A fast method that sprouts leaves on the surface on which the plant is growing has also been developed, along with a heuristic that simulates the decrease in length, radius and leaf size.


Source:-Chalmers University of Technology

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