GPS Based Cab Monitoring System

Abstract :-
In general, we have no correct mechanism to know the parameters like the route in which a cab (vehicle) has travelled, where was it at a particular instant of time, with what speed did it travel at that place and time and did it go to the desired place or not, we don’t have a option rather than to believe the driver. The problem arises when the driver doesn’t give us the exact authentic information. If we want a cab (vehicle) to go to certain place, via certain route, with certain speed within in certain time, later when we access the information about the journey, we have to simply depend up on the driver for the information of the cab and the driver may not give us the exact information about the journey and could use the cab (vehicle) for his personal use.
GPS Based Cab Monitoring System
The GPS BASED CAB MONITORING SYSTEM answers to all the problems raised above. We can know the parameters like the distance travelled, time of the journey, speed of the cab (vehicle), route adopted by the driver with out being dependent on him. We make use of a GPS modem, Multimedia card, Micro controller and a wireless network (RF transceiver) and PC where the map of the route is given through Google Earth.

Data logging mechanism is used here the data logging is done from GPS receiver to the Multimedia card by interfacing them with a micro controller. The stored data in the Multimedia card is sent to the PC through wireless (RF transceiver). The usage of wireless network may increase the hardware complexity but avoids the usage of the cables which is an irritating task to connect when the data needed to be transmitted to the pc, which is used analyze the data graphically, using a software called Google Earth map.

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