Infrared Universal Remote Control

Abstract :-
A universal remote is a common everyday household appliance. Used to do everything from TV/Video/Cable to ceiling fan control, this project is a extremely versatile product. This is a microcontroller based project with full programming. Hardware of this project consist of IR receiver, IR LED, Microcontroller etc. and have connected an IR receiver/demodulator to an input pin and an IR LED to an output pin.
Infrared Universal Remote Control

Our code implements a simple machine with three states:
Wait for input
Program a button
Playback a button

500 of the 512 bytes of memory in the 8535 are used to store IR pulse sequences. We originally planed on using about 16 bytes each for the 31 available buttons (the 32nd button is the record button). It turned out that pulse sequences were a lot more complex than anticipated and took up more memory. Our final product dedicated all of the memory for just one button! If we were more efficient, we could store enough for about 5 buttons.

Author:- Kevin Chipalowsky & Jennifer Librach

Source:-Cornell University

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