Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent transport system (ITS) is comprised of a number of technologies, including information processing, analysing, communications, control, electronics. Joining these technologies to our transportation system will save lives, save time, and save money. Transportation is a driving force behind development and the well being of all people around the world. Modern life demands growing mobility, frequently it is secured through ever-increasing use of private cars. The resulting burdens on the transport infrastructure, that is already heavily stretched, are multiplying. Despite major expenditures on new road infrastructures, traffic congestion continues to rise.

Intelligent Transport System

ITS technologies can be categorized as:

1. Sensing and Surveillance Technologies
2. Information Technologies
3. Communication Technologies
4. Traffic Control Technologies
Technology classification in each of the above categories showed in figure 2. These technologies are assisting public and private agencies across the globe to meet increasing demands on the surface transportation system. In this study an attempt has made to illustrate the application of APTS technologies in Road Transport Corporation (RTC) Management.

Source: FYP

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