Lifetime Estimation of Composite Bone Joint Screws

Bone screws are crucial elements in treating many types of open/closed fractures and arthroplasties in different joints in the body. The life time of many plates used in the fracture treatment are dependent on the screws function. The fracture of screws at any point of their lifetime will cause failure of the treatment for that specific pathology. This may lead to increase risk of new surgeries, osteomyelitis and less commonly septic arthritis.

The proposed model is a robust method because it does not converge to a local optimum, and also it does not need the use of differential calculus facilitating the computational implementation. The findings make a significant contribution to reliability of composite implants. Conclusion: The application of this model for two types of composite materials used for bone joint screws proves that polysulfone screws lifetime is better than that of poly-lactide-co-glycolide screws. Therefore, using the polysulfone screws could decrease the health related complications such as new surgeries and osteomyelitis.

Author:- A. Khalatbari, K. Jenab, A. Varvani-Farahani


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