Location Updating Strategies in Moving Object Databases

Abstract :-
Recent advances in wireless, communication systems have led to important new applications of Moving object databases (MOD). Typical application examples of moving object databases (MOD) might include mobile computing, mobile E-Commerce, Traffic police, taxi dispatchers and weather reporting services. The mobile computing capabilities allow users to manage their work while they are moving. In order to manage such moving objects in database management systems (DBMS) an updating strategy for moving object is required.

In this paper the problem of maintaining the current location of moving object in databases and the required updating strategy for moving object will be investigated. An implementation of two updating strategy will be introduced. Those updating strategies are distance and deviation updating polices. This implementation is based on the generation of spatial-temporal data for the moving objects (e.g. cars). The moving objects in the simulated system are moving through a network street. Finally a complete comparison of the predicted moving object path and the actual path is given.

Author:- H. M. Abdul–Kader


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