Emergence of Initial Public Offers as an Investment Avenue for Angel Broking Ltd.

Abstract :-
This project is an attempt to understand the Operations & Importance of IPO’s in stock Market. The chapter on introduction explains why I have selected this topic. It mentions a step-by-step detail of how I have conducted the whole research. The next chapter gives a brief description about the company where I did my internship from, which is Angel Broking Ltd. The next chapters explain the whole of my research work. The conclusion gives the details about the learning that I have gained after doing this research project. Continue reading Emergence of Initial Public Offers as an Investment Avenue for Angel Broking Ltd.

Essays in International Finance

Abstract :-
My dissertation consists of three essays on international capital flows. In the first essay, titled “Do small firms benefit more from foreign portfolio investment? Evidence from a Natural Experiment,” I test whether an increase in the supply of foreign portfolio capital benefits small firms by using the Thai government’s unique restriction on capital inflows as a natural experiment. The Thai government imposed a very stringent capital control on December 19, 2006, and then quickly abandoned it one day later. Continue reading Essays in International Finance

Essays in Financial Economics

Abstract :-
Constrained Capacity and Equilibrium Forward Premia in Electricity Markets, develops a refinement of the equilibrium electricity pricing model in Bessembinder and Lemmon (2002). The refined model explicitly accounts for constrained capacity, an important feature in electricity markets. Explicitly including a role for capacity allows the model to reproduce the price spikes observed in wholesale electricity markets. The refined model implies that the equilibrium forward premium, defined to be the forward price minus the expected spot price, Continue reading Essays in Financial Economics

Empirical Essays in Corporate Finance

Abstract :-
Over the past twenty years, write-offs have grown in popularity. With the increased usage of write-offs, it is becoming more important to understand the mechanisms behind why companies take write-offs and how write-offs affect company performance. In this paper, I examine the cross-sectional determinants of the decision to take write-offs. I use a hand-collected dataset on write-offs that is much more comprehensive than existing write-off datasets. Contrary to much hype and scandals surrounding a few write-offs, I find that quality of governance is positively related to write-off decisions in the cross-section. Continue reading Empirical Essays in Corporate Finance

Comparison of Initial Public Offer In Infrastructure sector at Premium Brokers

Abstract :-
The project was carried out in Premium Brokers, Pune. The title of the project is “Comparison of Initial Public Offer in Infrastructure sector”. Mr. Pritam Lunawat, Partner, Premium Brokers was very helpful and understanding. He helped me to learn how a stock broking firm actually works. The project work undertaken was that of
Position & Rotation.

At the beginning of the tenure I was in back office where Ms. Suvarna Dodke, Employee, Premium Brokers, taught me how the Kotak back office support system works. It consists of holdings, ledgers, client account opening, shares payin and payout, etc. I also filled the account opening forms. Later on I was given the responsibility of the
Initial Public Offers. I studied the Initial Public Offers and called the clients to invest in the IPOs. As they agreed for the investment forms were sent to them. I filled the IPO forms and those were sent to Kotak Securities Limited, East Street. I also viewed the stock market where in Mr. Hitesh Thakkar, Dealer, Premium Brokers, taught me how an order entry is made if a particular stock is to be bought or sold, the pending orders, market watch, trades, etc. through the function keys. This helped me to keep a record of the performance of the companies which came up with IPOs.

Author:- Soniya Agrawal

Source:-Final Year Project