Marketing Plan & Product Analysis at Bharat Pumps and Compressors Limited (BPCL)

Abstract :-
Bharat pumps & compressors ltd. Incorporated 1970 was established at Naini, the Trans yamuna area of Allahabad with objective to design, manufacture and supply of capital goods in the fluid handling field including provision of services connected therewith. This project is based on BPCL’s Market Plan & Product Analysis to ascertain the marketing plans of the BPCL the primary data is collected from all executive officers of all departments through direct interview method and the secondary data was collected through annual report, magazines, personal manual, charts and tables.

Similarly to conduct analysis of products of BPCL the primary data was collected by the random selection of 25 permanent customers out of 47 with the help of interview and questionnaire and the secondary data was collected through the annual report, magazine, personal manual, charts & tables and internet.
Marketing plan is a systematic anticipation and analysis of future coupled with the methodology for adapting such changes. It takes cares of all the lapses of a marketing manager and also highlights the weakness of the company, which would be attacked for meeting the ultimate objective of the company i.e. “Profitability through Customer Delight”.

Author:- Peush Prabhakar


Download:-Final Year Project

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