Microcontroller based Automatic Power Factor Controlling System

The Embedded Technology is now in its prime and the wealth of knowledge available is mind-blowing. Embedded technology plays a major role in integrating the various functions associated with it. This needs to tie up the various sources of the Department in a closed loop system. This proposal greatly reduces the manpower, saves time and operates efficiently without human interference. This project puts forth the first step in achieving the desired target. With the advent in technology, the existing systems are developed to have in built intelligence.

In our project, we are going to monitor the power of the system especially known as industries and controlling the power line using power factor. The power plant known as produces power for the working of the industries. Here the current transformers and potential transformers are widely used for analyzing the performance of the power plant and it is given to the circuit.

Microcontroller based Automatic Power Factor Controlling System

Then it gives to an ADC circuit for giving to the microcontroller. The capacitor bank is powered and the power factor which produces from the power plant is gathered first and depending upon that one, the capacitor banks are used to power the power plant to the uninterrupted working of the industries. Everything will be monitored using a LCD display.

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