Power Quality Improvement using Passive Shunt Filter

Abstract :-
Harmonics and reactive power regulation and guidelines are upcoming issues and increasingly being adopted in distributed power system and industries. Vital use of power electronic appliances has made power management smart, flexible and efficient. But side by side they are leading to power pollution due to injection of current and voltage harmonics. Harmonic pollution creates problems in the integrated power systems.

Power Quality Improvement using Passive Shunt Filter 3

The main emphasis of the investigation has been on compactness of configurations, simplicity in control, reduction in rating of components, thus finally leading to saving in overall cost. Based on these considerations, a wide range of configurations of power quality mitigators are developed for providing a detailed exposure to the design engineer in selection of a particular configuration for a specific application under the given constraints of economy and the desired performance.

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The necessary modeling and simulations are carried out in MATLAB environment using SIMULINK and power system block set toolboxes. The behavior of different configurations of passive tuned filters on power quality is studied. One of the way out to resolve the issue of reactive power would be using filters and TCR, TSC with combination in the power system.

Author:- Manjulata Badi

Source:-NIT Rourkela

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