7 Project Every Mechanical Engineer Should Try Making

Looking for some ideas to make your Mechanical Engineering project for coming session? If yes, you should read below article, which includes Mechanical engineering projects which you can try and can get good marks. Keep in mind, there are lots of Mechanical project ideas available and should explore all and then make your final year Mechanical project.


7 Project Every Mechanical Engineer Should Try
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7 Mechanical Projects for Students


1. Automatic Wheel Chair

It is a wheelchair that is operate by means of an electric motor rather than manual power. These motorized wheelchairs are useful for those people who are not able to walk on their own or even not able to ride manual wheel chair.

Joystick is used to control automatic wheel chair and allow user to go front, back, left and right with any issue. It uses chargeable batteries for its operation.


2. Design of a Stair-Climbing Hand Truck

The Stair Climbing hand truck is designed to reduce liability rather than increase it. Conventional hand trucks work well on flat ground, but their usefulness decreases when it becomes necessary to move an object over an irregular surface.


3. Design and Fabrication of Tri–Barrel Screw Type Hybrid Army Tank

This project on Hybrid army tank is based on screw driven mechanism. Normal tank has only one barrel to shot but this hybrid tank will have 3 barrels which can target 3 opponents at a time.

One more advanced feature is screw sort wheel which will travel on cross-country i.e. which may travel on muddy space, snow etc. At constant time it’s associate in nursing amphibian thus it will travel on road and ocean.


4. Three Axis CNC Router Design

This project tell you about the preliminary design of a low cost router table that brings the benefits of computer numerical control (CNC) tools to the wood shop.

The router introduce entirely new capabilities such as a full 3D shaping to the shop in addition to obviating the need for several conventional wood working implementations such as joinery jigs and conventional table routers.


5. Solar Food Dryer

This Mechanical project focus on designing and fabrication of solar food dryer. This project helps in preserving food for longer period.

The main component of solar food dryer are flat solar collector, drying chamber, insulated panel (main body), and ventilation system. Also these food dryers are of many type depending upon the flow of air, insulation,movement of air, etc. Do consider this project for your final year as it also has many practical advantages.


6. Automatic Scrap Collecting Machine

The aim of this Mechanical project is to design and fabricate a scrap collecting machine. The design is operated using a remote control which is either wireless or not.

The automatic scrap collecting machine is designed to remove iron waste from the working area to the disposal area with the help of magnet, electronic sensors and a rail. The use of this automated vehicle system reduces human efforts and the chances of hazard.


7. Infrared Sensor based Electromagnetic Disk Braking System

This project is operated in two modes Viz. Foot pad mode & Infrared Sensor based auto stop mode. In 1st mode, one manual foot pad with scaling positioning sensor is used.

In 2nd mode, instant brakes are applied with the help of infrared sensor to avoid short distance accident and in this mode controlling unit take self decision for short distance brake to avoid accident.

These were the 7 Mechanical projects which you should try if you are going to make your final year project and don’t have any idea where to start. Do let us know about your own ideas about Mechanical projects and do provide feedback about this article.

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