Report on Hospital Management System

The purpose of the project entitled as “HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is to computerize the Front Office Management of Hospital to develop software which is user friendly, simple, fast, and cost – effective. It deals with the collection of patient’s information, diagnosis details, etc. Traditionally, it was done manually. Can also be used for Doctor management project.

The main function of the system is to register and store patient details and doctor details and retrieve these details as and when required, and also to manipulate these details meaningfully System input contains patient details, diagnosis details; while system output is to get these details on to the CRT screen.

Sample Coding
Private Sub Command2_Click ()
Unload Me
End Sub
Private Sub Command3_Click ()
Db. Open
Set rs = db. Execute ("SELECT * FROM LOGIN where username='" & txt_username.Text & "'")
If (txt_ password = "" And txt_ username = "") Then
MsgBox "Login not possible"



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