How Science and Mechanics Have Changed the Food Industry

How Science and Mechanics Have Changed the Food Industry

The world has changed all over due to the many advances in the fields of science and mechanics. Almost every industry has seen leaps and bounds in production and availability of their products. Whether you are looking at fashion, entertainment, education, or food, all of these markets have been affected immensely by technology as a whole. The desire to spread ideas and change has taken hold of all industries international, and for the first time ever, it is even easier than before.

With that great burst of ability, comes responsibility though. Whether we like it or not, not all change is a good change.

This may be the case for the food industry despite the fact that many of the changes have in fact been for the better. In this article, we will examine the ways in which the food industry has changed to what degree these changes have been good or bad.


How Science and Mechanics Have Changed the Food Industry


The Availability of Food

In ancient times, it used to be that the food you ate was what you found, killed, or foraged. In more
recent times, for the last few centuries at least, we have been able to grow our own food, giving rise to local communities with self-sustaining food sources.

Fast forward to modern times and our current generation, we can now consume food from almost anywhere in the world due to superior shipping and cooling mechanisms as well as preservatives. Preservatives are one of those advances in food that can be seen in both a positive and a negative light. On one hand, they allow us to avoid diseases in some ways, but on the other hand, they may also cause disease! That notion aside, food is now a global marketplace.


The Way Food is Prepared

With all the other things, we have to think about on a daily basis as a modern human being, food sometimes falls to the wayside. In recent times, we have learned to lean on fast foods, prepared foods, and delivery. However, in even more recent years, even that has changed. We do rely on technology even more by the way we interact through the internet or participate in digital food programs.

For example, you can now go online and order everything you might possibly need for your meal straight to your door with companies like HelloFresh. You can even find even more in-depth services online, like a personal chef, or someone who will come teach you how to cook your own food.


The Organic Debate

One of the biggest conversations in the food industry centers around organic food products, what that really means, and whether or not they make much of a difference in our lives. Science and engineering have allowed us to make amazing discoveries and accomplish things like genetically modified food, mass production, and chemical complex solutions to thing that plague our diets. In some circles, these advances have been seen as positive growth and solutions to a problem.

However, others view these types of food engineering as detrimental to not only the health of our bodies but the health of our present and future planet. Let us know what you think about it through your comments.