Smart Trash system

Abstract :-
Project Green Stations is all about changing the way people see the environment. Imagine the go-green movement as a brand. By designing elegant, simple, and technologically advanced waste bins, we improve one element that affects that perception; one element that almost all students, faculty, and staff at Cornell see every day.

Smart Trash system

Requirement for Smart Trash system

1.An independent power system capable utilizing solar power to maintain battery charge
2.Two different mechanisms for measurement (weight and volume)
3.A GSM-based communication system for web and cellular interface, used for data collection and system monitoring
4.A beta version of the web interface used to record and display data

The requisite for solar power comes from the core of the thinking behind this design: a completely sustainable embedded system, which could ultimately monitor our own efforts towards a sustainable society. Given the downward trend in cost/unit energy of solar power, combined with gains in the efficiency of solar cells, it seems that solar could soon be a commercially feasible way to power isolated systems such as these.

Author:- Jacob Scott Bucci, Riemann Jiongjia Fang

Source:-Cornell University

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