Project on Automatic Water Dispenser

If you are looking for new innovative final year project for electronics engineering, then this project on “automatic water dispenser” could be your project. This project is basically made to help your pets in drinking water and keep them hydrated. Continue reading Project on Automatic Water Dispenser

Low Cost Heartbeat Monitoring System

Abstract: This paper describes the planning of an easy, low-priced microcontroller based mostly vital heart rate measuring device with LCD output. Vital sign of the topic is measured from the finger mistreatment sensors and also the rate is then averaged and displayed on a text based mostly LCD. Continue reading Low Cost Heartbeat Monitoring System

Transmitter Localization Using Autonomous Robotic Swarms


The purpose of this analysis is to style a symptom of conception system that’s capable of locating a hidden sender and to analyze ways of multi-agent formation management with a selected interest within the effectiveness of those ways on the objective of locating this transmitter. Continue reading Transmitter Localization Using Autonomous Robotic Swarms

ECE Project on Dam Management

Dam management should be considered not only where unacceptable flooding is affecting property or roads but also in the desert areas. It is aimed to make a reservoir to prevent flood or to store the water to canalize in the required direction. A big Dam is made which preserves the water coming from river or lake or even rainwater. Dam management can also be named as water asset management. It saves the city from flood and in the time requirement it will provide the water to “water requiring” cities. By employing a turbine we will be able to generate the electricity too. Continue reading ECE Project on Dam Management

Project on Quadcopter

Abstract :-
A quadcopter is a multicopter lifted and propelled by four rotors. The motors are mounted in the same plane, on the helicopter, forming a square. This allows this quadcopter to lift vertically without rotating on itself. There are several advantages to quadcopters over comparably-scaled helicopters. The fact that four motors are involved reduces the minimum size of the propellers on each motor. This means that in case the quadcopter hits anything the damage is significant less than if a similar sized helicopter crashed. Continue reading Project on Quadcopter

Home & Factory Automation Via SMS

This is a very innovative project which focus on designing of an interactive remote automation system. By this project one may gain the ability of administering several predefined electronic devices connected to the computer, simply sending an SMS message. The project can be applied to all vehicle, house, office, and factory media. This project is initially designed for house automation. Continue reading Home & Factory Automation Via SMS