DC Motor Control through SMS

Abstract :-
GSM (SMS) Controlled DC Motor is automatic control system which capable of receiving a set of command instructions in the form of Short message service and performs the necessary actions like Start , Stop and speed control. We will be using a dedicated modem/mobile at the receiver module i.e. with the robot it self and send the commands using SMS service as per the required actions. Continue reading DC Motor Control through SMS

Cooking Assistant for Automatic Temperature Control

Abstract :-
In some cooking scenarios, it is desirable to achieve a specific object temperature and keep the object at that temperature. However, it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature without constant attention. To aid cooking in this scenario, we created a device that can be added to an electric stovetop or hot plate and serve as an automated assistant. This project contains circuit diagram, controller programming, block diagram and other useful stuff. Continue reading Cooking Assistant for Automatic Temperature Control

Snorecorder with SD Logging

Abstract :-
The Snorecorder determines and records snore events and functions in two modes, “trigger” and “continuous”; Trigger mode logs a value of maximum snore intensity and its time stamp for a single snore event, and continuous mode records everything (snores and all) at a rate of around 500Hz, which was the fastest rate we could reliably write to the SD card. Continue reading Snorecorder with SD Logging

Heat Control System

Abstract :-
This project was the first stage of developing a controller for a radiant floor heat system. The microcontroller will use inputs from thermostats, thermocouples, a flow meter, and pressure switches to control the operation of the pumps and valves to achieve improved efficiency of the system as a whole. The primary goal of this project is to improve the efficiency of heating a home that utilizes radiant floor heating. Several improvements over the current system will achieve this goal. Continue reading Heat Control System

Final Year Microcontroller Projects with Source Code

In final year there is very much confusion on selection of different projects. There are lots of topic for final year from which you can choose your final year project topic like AVR projects, Microcontroller projects, Matlab projects etc. This article will help you in searching some best Micro-controller project with there programming and source code for your reference. Continue reading Final Year Microcontroller Projects with Source Code