Microcontroller based Exercise Monitoring System

Abstract :- This is a very effective exercise monitoring system and can monitor walk or run of user. In this project ATmega644 microcontroller is used for controlling. With an increase of the number of health conscious individuals hoping to remain fit, we designed a system that allows the user to keep track of his or her total number steps, current speed, and total distance in both real time and with a data logging system. This is especially useful for any students who are concerned with how much exercise they are getting by simply going to class! Continue reading Microcontroller based Exercise Monitoring System

Wireless Sensor Actuator Network On Scaled Sustainable HVAC

Abstract :-
This project creates a wireless sensor actuator network for a scaled Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning controller rig that exists in Upson 126 in Professor Brandon Hencey’s Lab. This project is meant to facilitate data collection from the HVAC rig to Matlab software on a main PC by taking the full advantages of the wide spreading Xbee modules that operate on Zigbee protocol. This collected data helps to do further data analysis, model calibration and optimization without the need to wire a single component to the computer. Continue reading Wireless Sensor Actuator Network On Scaled Sustainable HVAC

Project on Electronic Dhol

Abstract :-
The drum utilizes several peripheral amplifiers and Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) plus an Atmel AtMega644 to produce the different sounds. A drum hit is recorded when one of three independent force transducers are triggered by vibration, depending on which one was triggered, the corresponding sound is played. Traditional dhol was modified to electronically produce three different sounds, as well as be able to record a drum sequence and have it play back, for learning purposes. Continue reading Project on Electronic Dhol